The Tower of Industrial Life

16 minutes/ 2000/ DV tape

London bus
TV woman
London street

 “The Tower of Industrial Life reveals our false sense of protection as Guzzetti addresses the alienating experience of television and its illusory shelter from a doomed ‘elsewhere’. The exquisitely constructed work draws the viewer into a gentle flow of lazy sensual images, then abruptly disrupts it. Our suspicions, our recollections, and our strange, refracted day-to-day understanding of the world are signaled to our conscious and unconscious stream of thoughts and desires. The words and sentences that periodically scroll across the screen remind us of what we know, or think we know, and that which we have repeatedly heard, yet have consistently forgotten, ‘news of distant places and of distant and scarcely imaginable violence.’ Guzzetti ultimately describes the particular punctuation of his moving images as a ‘lesson on thinking of something and being far away from it, and seeing other things entirely.’”
—Catalogue, 2002 Whitney Biennial