Down from the Mountains

9 minutes/ 2002/ DV tape

Red car

. . . Jeep ride back from the village taken about two hours. The roads were very bad, very slow, crowded. And the weather, as soon as we got down from the mountains, the weather just. . .

Weaving sounds and images of the city and countryside into an intricate, nearly wordless composition, Down from the Mountains creates a vision of the contemporary world, organized and displayed in ways that only the medium of video makes possible. The tape opens with the screen divided into a trio of images, each of which returns later at full size. Similar transformations and repetitions occur through as elements develop and reappear, often transformed, giving way in turn to new images and sounds. The transformations mark the division of the piece into sections that resemble musical variations on a theme. The repertory of sounds follows suit, playing its part in creating patterns of movement, color, intensity, and theme. One of the editors of Film Comment magazine listed Down from the Mountains as one of the two best videotapes of 2002.