Breaking Earth
21 minutes/ 5 channels of video, 11 channels of sound/ 2008/ HDV tape
made collaboratively with Kurt Stallmann

Dragon root
Gray clouds

"But while we are confined to books, though the most select and classic, and read only particular written languages, which are themselves but dialects and provincial, we are in danger of forgetting the language which all things and events speak without metaphor."
—Henry David Thoreau, Wald

Breaking Earth is a gallery installation that surrounds the viewer with 5 suspended video screens, each 12 feet wide, and 11 loudspeakers, 7 of them at waist height and 4 on the ceiling. It was shown at the DiverseWorks Art Space, Houston, March 7 to April 26, 2008.

"A nearly seamless merging of sound and visuals drive the work's piercing theatricality. Stillness is employed liberally, allowing quieter moments to sink fully inward. In its fullness the piece seems to point towards a re-awakening of our attention to the textures and cycles of the world around us. The effect is sumptuously sensuous. Face it, nature is sexy."
—Nancy Wozny, ArtsHouston